Pulsed Energy Replenisher 2000 – High-Energy PEMF Technology That’s Within Reach

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“We didn’t invent the cellphone; we invented the iPhone. This is the next and the latest in PEMF technology. It wasn’t two guys in a garage who invented this technology (like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak with Apple), we created a better wheel, a better mousetrap.” – Josh Silver (President and CEO of Pulsed Energy Technologies)

Pulsed Energy Technologies offers the strongest Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field device on the market – Pulsed Energy Replenisher (PER 2000 HD). It can boost energy, relieve pain and accelerate the healing process. Their company is the only one to have placed units and establish marketing relationships in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and MLS. Pulsed Energy Technologies is trusted by top athletes, medical professionals and everyday people looking for non-invasive, all natural methods to restore health and amplify their body’s overall performance.

Josh Silver used to work for the exclusive distributor for the manufacturer Panos Pappas, Chuck Wallach. Back then, the device is much bigger, heavier and more expensive. But it was a less effective version of the Pulsed Energy Replenisher. This is one of the reasons why he thought of creating a better machine.

“I got a chance to see how this technology worked on a first-hand clinical level for four years. I got a chance to be a shadow behind doctors, chiropractors, medical practitioners, therapists, scientists, behind this technology because I was Chuck’s right-hand man. I was the young kid who oversaw the entire operation if you will. We saw significant results through a wide variety of patients. At the end of the day, people were getting positive results faster than the traditional recovery time”.

But a problem existed with the political backing and reported the development of other machines. Various manufacturers had an absence or lack of installing regulatory requirements and procedures, wild medical claims, and things that shouldn’t be done, were being done.

“These ‘black hat’ items we’re taking away what we were trying to accomplish in the progression of the PEMF industry.”

And because nobody else was selling PEMF technology at the time, the original company charged a very high price for something that could be much more affordable to the public. This is another reason that inspired the creation of Pulsed Energy Technologies. Josh thought, “Hey, the technology is awesome, but if we can fix it down from 180 pounds, 3½ feet tall and $65,000, it would be even better.”

Flexible and Affordable PEMF Technology

Pulsed Energy Technology has a diverse client base that includes professional athletes, chiropractors, and veterinarians. These are the groups that have gravitated to them as patients and users of PEMF technology.
Josh Silver believes that their company can go further. But with the demand from chiropractors, athletes, and veterinarians, they don’t have the luxury of time to expand their reach. Pulsed Energy Technology’s machines do not treat by condition; they are used on specific body parts.

”Pathology doesn’t matter; it’s where in the body irregularities are located. Everybody (human and animal) is a collection of cells. It doesn’t matter if you are a horse or a baseball player, all have some sort of minor or major ailing issue”.

Josh believes that their client base is composed mainly of athletes, chiropractors, and the like because these people consider time as money.

”Over time, they have found that this decreases time (speed of recovery) and increases money. An athlete gets back onto the field quicker by using PEMF therapy and increases his value to his team. How it differs within some of the groups or industries is a political or red-tape matter, though. For example, if I have a back issue, I go to my chiropractor, fill out my consent form and have my session. If a $5 million racehorse has a back issue, it may be two weeks of asking the owner and signing the consent form. Then figuring out the insurance details and so on because everyone is cautious about devaluing the horse. It takes time to get a treatment set up. It equally may be the same with a professional sports team or professional athlete.”

Veterinarians, on the other hand, have almost never asked for clinical studies, clinical trials, paperwork, or clinical information. They want to see it directly work on animals themselves or they want to speak to someone who can let them know how effective it is. “They don’t want to see how it makes money because they can figure that out for themselves.”

PER 2000 – The Most Advanced PEMF Technology in the Market

”We are the only company besides the initial version (by Panos Pappas) that has conducted several independent labs to test the pulse signal and designated frequencies, everything that every manufacturer “claims” their PEMF technology does. We invested a significant amount of time and money to find out what we were doing, how it worked and how we could improve it.”

But instead of just creating a smaller, more portable version of the original model, Pulsed Energy Technologies performed actual engineering protocols to find out how it worked. They are the only company that found a way to decrease the size of the machine without diminishing its power or the output of the signal.

Other manufacturers of PEMF machines are making estimates and guesses when it comes to their signal, pulse lift, and resonance. A common reason behind this is that they believe it is impossible to measure these things. But Josh Silver and his team believe otherwise: “You absolutely can measure this, you just haven’t been. So, to boil it down into one word, it’s engineering”.

The applications for PEMF are endless; the technology has been around for a hundred years and has been clinically applied for almost 40 years. Josh thinks that Pulsed Energy Technologies is still in the infant stages of the technology and the industry.

”You can perform a Google search for high-powered PEMF and research effective clinical case reports on torn knee ligaments, cancer, MS (multiple sclerosis), and a wide variety of conditions. Is it voodoo or snake oil? Not in the least. But because PEMF assists in relieving multiple conditions, this question does arise frequently. The easiest way that we can explain it to people is that if it is a cellular issue, the machine will help”.

Just think of every cell in your body as a little battery that becomes tired and worn from time to time. With the help of PEMF Therapy, these ‘batteries’ will be recharged; giving your body more energy to fight off any damaging force or illness. First-time users are usually hesitant and do not understand what a high-powered machine such as PER 2000 can do unless they try it. Josh and his team have been doing this for 20 years, and they still find it impossible to explain what first time users are going to feel until they feel it.

“From our experience, we find that most people walk away saying, ‘Wow, I can’t believe it. I felt it work directly on my afflicted areas and I feel much better.’ They notice something right away. When you compare this to a low-power PEMF device, we consistently hear, “Did that help me? Is that going to fix my disk? Did I feel anything?” There is a level of doubt based on the power of the machine, and its cellular resonance”.

Backed by 30 years of solid research, Pulsed Energy Technologies has made interesting findings of PEMF that are useful to both practitioners and users.

“First, we saw a significant effect on blood pressure levels across the board – and it was discovered by accident! People increased their low blood pressure after sessions. Likewise, people lowered their high blood pressure after sessions. What makes it surprising is that it was originally a clinical trial on pain swelling, and measuring blood pressure before and after was required.”

While conducting the study, they noticed a trend where it was significantly affecting blood pressure and made them conclude two things:

  • It’s not necessarily the machines doing the work; it is the body doing the work, acting as a facilitator.
  • When you talk about things like increased circulation or improved circulation or improved oxygen levels in blood, these are the objective measures you can use to say that this technology can positively affect that.

Pulsed Energy Technologies’ PER 2000 machine significantly affects the electrophoresis of the cells; it magnetically stimulates all cell gates and keeps them open for two to three hours after use.

“This benefit is multi-faceted. Our cells receive oxygen and nutrients and disperse waste through these cell gates. So when we speak about things like cellular-level detox, water flows into the cell, it dissolves toxins and then flows out these pores or pits (gates) of the cell.”

With a Pulsed Energy Technologies machine, cellular-level detox is roughly 30 percent more effective. We’ve had multiple results from electron microscope pictures showing we are driving water into the cell deeper and more efficiently. This process also has a significant effect on pain relief.

“During the Kentucky Derby, they did a feature on oxygen and the benefits of using hyperbaric oxygen for horses. Horse trainers use our machine in combination with hyperbaric oxygen because it drives oxygen deeper into the cell. This is where it becomes a numbers game. If we are getting 12% absorption at the cellular level just by using oxygen, now by using this PEMF machine, it goes from 12 percent to 38 percent. The immediate byproduct for a racing horse is equivalent to a human who has chronic inflammation in their back that disappears in record time.”

Energy-Restoration Benefits of Pulsed Energy Technologies’ Machine

“It’s a very simple process to understand once we understand how our body and cells work together to heal. It is a benefit of life. We wake up in the morning and deplete our energy throughout the day. When we to go sleep we recharge; our cells do the same thing. If we are injured, acquire an illness or disease, or anything that disrupts the basic process at a subcellular level, our machine helps you recharge those cells to restore their normal functions.”

Daily activity and exercise help keep our cells healthy. Keeping an active lifestyle can slow down aging and reduce the risk of cell dysfunction. PEMF therapy is the most advanced form of exercise. Working on a cellular level, it has the same effects and benefits of physical exercise. It restores the body’s natural electro-magnetic energy and boosts cell metabolism. As a result, our blood cells are regenerated, our blood circulation is improved, and our cell’s oxygen carrying capacity is increased.

Pain-Management Benefits of PER 2000

“We have yet to run into pain issues that don’t respond favorably to the technology. It is only a question of what percent it is going to respond. Is it 10% better, 35%, 100%? What we do know is that we are going to receive some sort of improvement. The only problem that we encounter with effectiveness is when the problem is genetic based. Some years ago, we auditioned for the TV show, ‘Shark Tank.’ They wanted us to come up with a one-word answer for the benefit of our machine. We chose ‘homeostasis.’”

Homeostasis refers to any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival. If homeostasis is achieved, life continues. If it isn’t, illness or death may be the consequence. One of the greatest advantages of PEMF therapy is patient comfort. Animal studies show that PEMFs reduce the pain receptors in the brain and in some researches PEMFs were found to be equivalent to 10mg of morphine. Rarely will a single approach provide everyone with pain relief but with PEMF, you can get all of these benefits in a natural and non-invasive way.

Pulse Energy Technologies’ Machines – Applications and Benefits

  • Shoulder sleeve applicator – helps athletes, specifically American football players, get back in the game faster.
  • Hip and back applicator – focuses specifically on the hips and lower back region.
  • Multipurpose applicator – focuses energy on the knees, elbows, thighs, and feet.
  • Blanket applicator – it is used to bathe the patient in pulsed energy.

“These are applicators for our different products. We make three units, including two different-sized clinical units (the third is a portable unit). These applicators will help you apply the technology effectively and efficiently.”

If you’re looking to buy your first PEMF system, take your time to research multiple machines and companies first. According to Josh, “In the PEMF industry, there are a couple of less desirables. There is a big distinction between those of us on the more reputable side of the industry and those who aren’t.”

Make sure to purchase a PEMF device that is manufactured in North America. There are no known reputable manufacturers of this type of technology overseas. And remember, “while a cheaper machine or device may make more sense financially, you are really sacrificing on the quality and time to treat patients faster and efficiently. As far as features, you should get one that is easy to use and full, 24-hour support available; find a company that provides training and references.”

PEMF Therapy is the Best Alternative Healing and Treatment Option of Today

“I see the future of PEMF therapy as the No. 1 go-to technology as we move into the next 10 to 15 years. Where I want to see this go, is this isn’t just something you use with a medical practitioner, but as a home appliance. You go out and get your stove, your refrigerator, and your PEMF machine. The challenges are multi-tiered, though. A lot of medical claims are being made without the research. We’ve had some great results with a couple of cancer cases or other cases, but we can’t just start making claims on it because it takes away from the technology itself. The other problem I see is product saturation. Much like a store-brand soda. As we are getting more of these lower-level manufacturers, especially overseas or other places, the quality is going down, which in turns affects the quality of the treatment. This could have a domino effect to even the high-level machines when in reality, are much more effective.”

Pulsed Energy Technologies pledges to provide everyone the utmost commitment to creating a quality product, maintain top level customer service, satisfaction and results. The company believes that their products positively impact many across the world. By developing PEMF Therapy products such as PER 2000, they are currently leading the way within the worldwide pain management category. Their products are non-invasive and drug-free methods that stimulate muscles in the body. These machines use mild therapeutic heat for long-term pain relief that helps patients return to a normal and active lifestyle in no time.

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