2017 Bio Magnetic Health Bracelet Price Range: Is It Worth It?

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Bio Magnetic bracelets have been popular for some time now. They have become so in demand to the public because more than making a fashion statement, they are also believed to have healing powers and health benefits. The popular theory as to the way it works is that when proper body parts are exposed to static magnetic fields, the magnets improve the circulatory system. This increased flow will then give the body more nutrients, thus improving health naturally.

However, nothing this amazing comes free. So with their promises and benefits, the next important question is: Are they expensive?

The answer would be: It depends. The term “expensive” is almost always relative and may differ to different persons with different status in life. But the range is nearly identical no matter what the brand is. It always ranges from the cheapest, at around $20 to the most expensive ones, at around $150 per piece. What makes one more expensive than the other goes into the type of material.

Types of Magnetic Bracelets and their Price Range:

Starting off with the cheapest ones,

  1. Fake Magnetic Bracelets

    Unfortunately, fake magnetic bracelets are everywhere these days! If the price is at around $4-$10 and is not used or on sale, chances are these are fake. They would be easy to spot due to their low quality and low durability. If you buy these types, you might end up with not only ineffective bracelets but also one that might look good only for a few days until the color wears off and the magnets start to fall out.

  1. Hematite Bracelets

    The only acceptable rate of $5-$10 is when the magnetic bracelet is made of hematite. This range is rare, however, and is usually only available if on sale. Hematite is an iron ore, closely related to magnetite. Unlike other styles and types of magnetic bracelets, hematite bracelets are not designed to be worn as cuffs. Instead, the stones are strung like beads on an elastic string. Their design is usually the most basic ones and is made to be one-size-fits-all pieces.

  1. Titanium Bracelets

    Titanium bracelets are the usual choice of men, as they are often made to look like charcoal shaded blocks of linked bangles. Often mixed with carbon fiber, Titanium emits vibrant hues of reds and blues that shine and bring dimension to each stone. These bracelets can range from $20 to $60

  1. Copper Bracelets

    Copper has been used as a base of jewelry for decades now. This could be attributed to its golden tones and its durability. This hue of gold would pair well with Boho fashion style. Usual make would be that magnets are attached to the bracelet tips. Price can range from $40-80.

  1. Stainless Steel Bracelets

    Stainless steel material allows for a more creative take on the magnetic bracelets. Most of them include shaped charms and block-shaped known to be very durable and easy to maintain. Although it appears to be solid, it is in truth lightweight, making this option perfect for those who enjoy sports. Price can range from $70-$110.

The most expensive ones are usually a combination of all these materials and can even include silver or gold plating. The price for those can already reach about $120 at a minimum.

If you are willing to shell out the same amount for accessories, why not spend it on something that helps improve not only your fashion and physical appearance, but also your overall health. With no reported side effects and a bunch of health benefits to gain from wearing magnetic bracelets, what’s there to lose?

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