The Larmor Formula and the Birth of Magnetico Sleep Pads

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“I attended a lecture by a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Canada. He stated the Earth was losing its magnetic field at the rate of 7% per 100 years. This got me interested, to the point that I spent some time reading everything available at that time on the subject. To my amazement, no scientist agreed on the effects of magnetism on the human body. They all had different theories but very little research.” – Dr. Dean Bonlie (the inventor of Magnetico sleep pads)

Dr. Dean Bonlie D.D.S., is a recognized expert researcher, inventor, consultant and lecturer on biomagnetism. He graduated with honors from Loma Linda University in 1962 and had a varied and colorful occupational journey since then. He has devoted all his energy and focus on the study of magnetism, and his theory has made him a widely accepted authority in this field. He has developed a course in magnetic therapy for the International College of Naturopathy in California and has also taught courses about it for the Integrative Medicine post-doctoral degree offered by Capital University in Washington, DC.

Before Dr. Bonlie dedicated his time on the field, there were only three sleep pads available in the market; two of which were Japanese brands with 50% positive and 50% negative and one U.S. brand claiming to be only negative. But when Dr. Bonlie measured the U.S. sleep pad with a magnetometer, it showed that it was 60% negative and 40% positive. It was then that he decided to create the first Sleep Pad that provided all negative magnetic field exposure to the body.

After countless experiments, Dr. Bonlie and his team learned that placing a single magnet on the body exposed that body area to a bipolar field, increasing both electrical and blood flow. Dr. Saul Lis measured hormones which showed that the bipolar field caused an emergency response in the body. When they tried the unipolar pad on several arthritic patients, they got amazing results – this led to the patenting and manufacturing of the Magnetico Sleep Pad!

This Sleep Pad acts as a concentrator of the Earth’s natural magnetic field by two and a half times; it generates its magnetic field by utilizing its magnets. With further research, Dr. Bonlie found a formula called ‘Larmor Formula.’ It explains why the natural magnetic field of the Magnetico Sleep Pad has a different effect compared, to other pads. This formula is used to calculate the total power radiated by a non-relativistic point charge as it accelerates or decelerates. Unlike bipolar pads that create an artificial emergency response, Magnetico Sleep Pad acts as a catalyst for all the body’s chemical reactions.

Magnetico Sleep Pads Has Everything You Need for Relaxation, Recovery, and Relief

There are currently four kinds of Magnetico Sleep Pads, and each is designed to go underneath your mattress. One thing you need to consider upon selection is the thickness of your mattress. Although the Sleep Pads still function even under mattresses that are 16-inch thick or more, you will get a weaker field as you get farther from it.

  • The Classic (5g) – this pad is typically for younger individuals and for people who cannot afford the higher models.
  • The Core (10g) – this works best for people who do not have major health problems.
  • The Booster (10g) – this pad is created to complement the Core pad. It is a mirror image of the Core pad, so the magnets are near the bottom and attract to the magnets which are near the top of the Core pad. This makes the magnets twice as thick and therefore twice as strong. But if used by itself, it still provides 10g strength.
  • The Super Sleep System (20g) – the combination of the Core and the Booster is what we call the Super Sleep System. It is recommended for older individuals, athletes who want to speed up recovery times, people who have insomnia, individuals who suffer from chronic pain, and those with serious illnesses.

Magnetico Sleep Pads are created with 3950 gauss graded magnets. Although that doesn’t count for much, each Sleep Pad allows a large amount of magnetism to travel completely through the body. Many magnets are needed to create a large enough magnetic field to make this possible. Even the Classic model has almost 400 magnets, while the strong models have over 3000.

Unidirectional Magnetism that is Necessary for Life

Dr. Bonlie and his team have conducted experiments that show the benefits of sleeping on magnetic pads as compared to regular beds. The results show that insects live five times longer in the core magnetic field, and human tissue lived two and a half times longer.

Free radicals are the prime cause of aging and illness. They attack and ‘snatch’ energy from healthy cells to satisfy themselves. One way to combat these single, unpaired electrons is to eat a diet that is rich in antioxidants. Better yet, get yourself a Magnetico Sleep Pad today as two of Dr. Bonlie’s studies show that it can help reduce free radicals in the body. ‘Six women, after having slept all night on the Super Sleep Pad, had an 80% reduction in free radicals – even at 3:00 pm the following day. 104 people testing the Super Pad for 20 minutes had a 5% reduction in free radicals. Our customers have reported significant improvements in arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, the toxicity of all types, angina, sleep problems, joint pain, and many other problems such as autism.’, says Dr. Bonlie.

Make the Best Choice with Magnetico Sleep Pads

Magnetico Sleep Pads are created and manufactured by Dr. Dean Bonlie, an expert in the field of biomagnetism, and you should only trust the best when it comes to your health. These are the only Sleep Pads that enhance the Earth’s magnetic field, and they will not lose their efficiency with continued use. It is guaranteed to remain good as new, losing only 6% of its power in 30 years. Moreover, it is placed under the mattress, so it doesn’t get soiled or damaged and lasts a lifetime.

When used correctly, magnetism can provide more benefits to your health and body. You can check out the following links for information on larger scientific studies about it:


Many people, even medical professionals, are still unaware of the benefits that magnetism has to offer. If you do extensive research on the subject, you’ll find out that it can stimulate a process called cellular resonance throughout the entire body, which can lead to widespread and life-changing health benefits.

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