Well-Known Amazing Benefits of Copper Magnetic Bracelets

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Copper has long been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years now. It was discovered and mentioned on some of the earliest records available. Copper bracelets, on the other hand, can be traced going back as far as 800 BC and it remains popular until today due to said medicinal properties. These properties include healing benefits for a number of medical conditions.

Here are some of the most common and well-known benefits of copper magnetic bracelets:

  • 1. HEALTH
    • Joints Problems – Copper bracelets are claimed to provide relief from joint stiffness. The most popular disease associated with this condition is arthritis and according to wearers, copper accessories worn on the wrist as a bracelet resulted in a marked improvement in their condition. Aside from easing joint stiffness, it is also claimed to reduce the pain associated with arthritis including helping the inflammation subside due to the release of anti-inflammatory properties. Although healing properties of copper is generally taken through one’s diet, copper can also be absorbed via the skin using magnetic bracelets. When the copper is absorbed by the skin, the beneficial properties directly seep into the blood stream. This way, it becomes better in so many ways compared to pharmaceutical treatments as the bracelet can be worn continuously thus offering continuous relief.
    • Minerals and Vitamins – Copper bracelets are non-invasive alternative to traditional medication to support those with deficiencies in vitamins and mineral. Research suggests that when micronutrients are absorbed through the skin, it is more beneficial and effective as compared to oral supplements as it appears to be a more direct route into the blood stream. As such, copper bracelets are popularly used to address iron deficiency, zinc deficiency, and anemia.
    • Cardio Vascular – studies show that people who are low in copper are suspected to have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease than other people. Copper deficiency is also linked to high blood pressure, which can cause a multitude of health problems, including heart disease. Thus people combine copper bracelets with a healthy diet and regular exercise to reduce their risk of having said diseases and ensure long-term cardiovascular health.
    • Immune System – research suggests that copper can negate high-toxicity metals and has the ability to protect and fight against infection as it contains antimicrobial properties, which can combat bacteria and viruses in the body. It also helps your body make red blood cells and keeps nerve cells active and healthy. It also helps form collagen, acts as an antioxidant, and reduces free radicals that damage cells and DNA.
    • Anti Aging – Copper is known to have anti-oxidant properties that can prevent free ions and radicals from raising toxicity within the body. It also has properties that help rejuvenate cells and improve the density of collagen and elastic fibers, which inevitably assist in slowing the aging process of the body.
  • 2. FASHION – with all these medicinal and health benefits of copper bracelets, anyone would be convinced to get a bracelet of their own. However, people worry that copper would ruin their fashion style. This is a mistake however as copper can easily be styled and can be worn on a daily basis. It has a very classy and vintage look and feel to it, so wearing it both for health and fashion purposes should not be a problem.

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